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Receive top-notch products such as Premium Magic Corner Wire Basket, Soft Close Bottom Mount Slide and Push to Open Device from us.
About Us

In the increasingly competitive markets, especially of current times, it is vital to stand out and be different from the competitors, and the widespread reputation of our company, Steelberry Enterprise stems from our varied selection of products. We started our business in the year 2007 and have since been a highly renowned manufacturer, supplier and trader of a wide variety of products. Soft Close Bottom Mount Slide, Cup and Saucer Aluminium Drawer, Cup and Saucer Basket, Glossy Grey Round Pipe Tandem Box, SBST 409 Furniture Sliding Door System, and many others are among the products we offer. In addition, our products are recognized among numerous customers of the market and it is because of their outstanding quality and reasonable pricing.

Why Us?

Most businesses ignore the value of individuality as a determinant of success while competing in the highly competitive market of present times. Although, the uniqueness of our company unlike anyone else in the market, can be seen not only in our diverse product range, but also in some of the following key aspects to which we adhere:

  • We regularly conduct in-depth market research in order to keep upgrading our products.
  • We provide a pleasant and comfortable work environment for our employees, which helps us run our business more efficiently.
  • We make it a point to perform business with our clientele in a morally sound manner.
  • We always establish long-term business partnerships with all our customers.

Customer Satisfaction

The major goal of our company has always been to make sure that each and every customer is entirely satisfied with their journey with us. To ensure the satisfaction of customers, we ensure that our products, such as Cup and Saucer Aluminium Drawer, Glossy Grey Round Pipe Tandem Box, Soft Close Bottom Mount Slide, SBST 409 Furniture Sliding Door System, Cup and Saucer Basket, and others, live up to their expectations. We also ensure that our products are all priced in the best interests of customers so that they continue to come back to us with more requests. Furthermore, when a customer works with us, we ensure that they all are treated with the utmost kindness and respect.
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